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Breeders & Pullet Rearing

From Parent to Great-Great-Grandparent stock, Harlows are able to design the correct environment for all of today's most valuable pedigree breeding stock, helping to ensure the best conditions possible for maximum egg production.

Internal layouts of nests, slats, ventilation, feeding and water are all taken into account during the design consultation phase.

Special light baffling to inlet vents and fan housings excludes light during the rearing and laying stages, yet is simply removed for ease of cleaning.

For commercial pullet rearing we can also design housing to take account of the slatted platforms used during perchery training and can accommodate the various types of ventilation systems available.


Harlow poultry houses are designed and constructed by a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Construction begins in our CAD drawing office where plans are made for our extensive Mill to cut and pre-assemble the building panels. These are then quality checked before being loaded onto our own transport and delivered directly to site. From here, our professional erection teams will unload our vehicle and complete the construction process with care and attention.

All our buildings can be constructed with timber or steel portal frames and clad with timber weatherboard or on occasions, steel profile sheeting.


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